EPL REPOS needed for screen

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EPL REPOS needed for screen

Post by Zim » Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:39 pm

----EPL REPOS ( needed for screen )

Installing the configuration package
Enabling the EPEL8 repository on RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 is very simple: all we need to do is to download and install the configuration package which contains the repository files. The file is available for download at the following address . For the sake of this tutorial I will assume we are operating from the command line interface. We don't need to download the package to install it: we can perform the operation directly using dnf package manager:

dnf install https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/e ... noarch.rpm
We just use dnf with the install sub-command, and provide the URL of the package (in this case we used the https protocol). Once we run the command above an overview of the operations that would be performed is displayed, and we are prompted to confirm that we want to install the package:

Package Arch Version Repository Size
epel-release noarch 8-5.el8 @commandline 21 k

Transaction Summary
Install 1 Package

Total size: 21 k
Installed size: 30 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
If we confirm by typing "y" and pressing enter, the package will be installed. It contains the files needed to configure the additional software sources. To see where those files have been installed, we can run the following command:

rpm -ql epel-release
In the command above, the -q option is the short for --query, while -l is short for --list, and is used to list the files contained in a package. The command above produces the following output:

Apart from the documentation files and the repository public gpg key, we can see that three repository configuration files have been installed, they are the files with the .repo extension: epel, epel-playground and epel-testing. The first one is the main repository, the one which is enabled by default, the other two contain experimental version of software packages and must be enabled explicitly. To verify that the EPEL repository has been enabled we can run:
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