Memes - The good the bad and the ugly...

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Memes - The good the bad and the ugly...

Post by Zim » Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:20 pm

What I have found interesting and yet confusing is the fragile nature of social media when it comes to things like bullying & stereo typing.
There is a increasing amount of subjects that now days have become to sensitive to discuss in the public forum. But yet when it comes to memes there is a general acceptance of gearing and making fun of the person who 90% of the time gave no permission to be a meme. Meme topics poke fun at all the things that the social justice warriors are fighting against and yet they eat them up like its the norm.
What about the kid who had his/her profile picture pinched by some derelict to make fun of for there own ends.

I'm all for good memes and real jokes.
But going out of your way to poke fun at someones indiscretions is weak

Laugh at the guy who slid on the banana because its funny.
The kid with the odd looking face.... What the hell did he/she do to deserve what these people call funny....
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